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National Olympic Academy Concept

The individuals needed to assist with the NOA activities should agree to the following:

Be prepared to:

1) Give of their free time especially on weekends.
2) Participate in educational, cultural and other activities .
3) Work with kids especially at the primary school level.
4) Adopt a school and work with the kids of that institution.

The candidates should be between the ages of 21 – 30 years and should process
basic teaching skills.

Goal of the NOA: To Promote Olympism through Olympic Education

Objectives of the NOA:

1) To Promote Olympic Education through a variety of mediums.
2) To Promote national Pride
3) To Promote the spread of Olympism through sports, art and culture.

Programme Highlights

1) Educational sessions on the Olympic movement and Olympism.
2) Research and publication in respect to;
St. Lucian Olympians/ sports personalities of St. Lucia
3) Active involvement in all activities of SLOC and the NOA
4) Establishment and enhancement of an Olympic museum.
5) An annual Olympic academy session for members.

In addition to some of the highlighted programmes there will be other
activities from time to time as they arise.

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