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Structure & Executive Board

Structure & Executive Board Members

Contenental Body…… PASO

The SLOC belongs to the continental body of PASO (Pan American Sports Organization), whose functions include: strengthening and tightening the bonds of friendship and solidarity among the peoples of the continent, through the National Olympic Committees of the Americas. executing a Pan American Olympic solidarity Program for the benefit of the NOCs of the Americas.

Regional Body…………. CANOC

Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC)

SLOC Committees

Marketing & Public Relations Committee

Technical Committee

Finance Committee

SLOC Executive Board

President Fortuna_Belrose-president
Fortuna Belrose
1st Vice President Lyndon Cooper
2nd Vice President
George Charlemagne
Secretary General Arnold
Alfred Emmanuel
Treasurer Joyce Huxley
Assistant Secretary/Assistant Treasurer
Trevor Hunte
NF Member David-Christopher
David Christopher
NF Member
Liota Charlemagne
NF Member  Monica_Dudley
Monica Dudley
NF Member

Velica Augustin

Public Relations Officer Ryan-OBrian
Ryan O’Brian
IOC Member Richard-Peterkin
Richard Peterkin
Honorary member Jonathan_Everett
Jonathan Everett
Honorary member Carol_Devaux
Carol Devaux

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Activities Reports for period 2013 – 2016

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